Finally been fully enveloped by the Mac architecture

macbook-air-mirror-02Well, not exactly. When I went home this weekend, my mom gave me her old MacBook Air (she's recently upgraded to the 12 hour battery life version). And now I am, like, using it and stuff. My other computer is a ten pound behemoth of a desktop replacement laptop that I bought back when I thought I might like to start playing computer games again. After getting it, I almost immediately realized that I was kinda done with games, so it was prrrrobably not the right purchase for me. That computer is pretty excellent and does pretty much what I want to do.

But this one is basically perfect. It's two years old and it's still pretty perfect. Kind of just does exactly what it is supposed to do. I thought it'd be difficult to switch operating systems, but I guess that I've spent enough time on Macs that it was fairly intuitive in the end (for instance, all the cluster computers when I was an undergrad were Macs).

The only problem is that the default text on pretty much every application is too small. I am sure this is fixable somehow, but jeez, what kind of eagle-eyed youngsters are the target user for these things?

Also, I still haven't quite figured out how to do all the things I used to right click for.

Just wanted to put this post out there so that everyone can know that I am one of those hip arty-types now.