Curing my insomnia

For about two years, I’ve been experiencing this incredible insomnia. I think that college just really messed up my sleep patterns, and that I haven’t yet really managed to train my body to anything natural. But anyway, the result is that, more often than not, I lay awake for two hours each night.

This insomnia has spurred a number of life changes. I’ve started waking up in the mornings every day, even on weekends. I’ve stopped drinking coffee. I quit smoking. And maybe some of that has helped, but I still get these periods–weeks at a time–when I can’t fall asleep. I only have two hypotheses / solutions left. The first is that maybe I just don’t need as much sleep as I think I do (I try to get eight hours every night). Maybe I really need six or seven hours. Or maybe I just need to start exercising every day.

Ugh, I really hope it’s the first thing. If that’s it, then I’ll end up with two extra hours a day (score!). But if it’s the other thing, then I’ll lose another hour each day (boo!). I’ll do anything, though. This sleep stuff is brutal. I mean, cmon, if it’s such a necessity, then why can’t it just impose itself on me the way that every other bodily function does?

Does anyone else have any experience with insomnia? How did you all try to manage it?