In America, we just don’t see race.

Noted without comment:

So, the other day I was eating dinner in a parking lot that was full of food trucks,* and I was at the frozen custard truck, waiting for what would turn out to be the most delicious dairy-based dessert I’ve ever had in my life. But the (white) woman in the truck kept leaning out the window and trying to get the attention of someone in the distance. This person’s custard was ready, but they weren’t within earshot.

A (white) man noticed the custardier’s issue and said, “Oh, just point out whose it is. I’ll go and tell them that it’s ready.”

The custardier pointed at a bunch of tables and said, “Oh, it’s that woman over there.”


“Oh…umm…it’s…well…it’s that woman who has the, like, the fur fringe on her hood?”

All three of us looked over. The custardier was referring to literally the only black person in sight.


*Oh god, I know right? I can’t believe this is something that I do now.