Hire Me!


All organizations need story-tellers.

When I worked in public policy, we’d often spend years on assembling data and writing reports, but without a storyline, all of that data became just so many unread pages clogging up peoples’ inboxes.

But you already knew that: people tell stories. We do it instinctively. And even when we’re working on the driest sort of project–transferrable fishing quotas or direct marketing optimization software–we do our best to spin a story: how did this arise? What need does this fulfill? Who is it useful to? How will it change your life?

But it’s not simple. The key element thing missing from most organizations is a direct linkage between emotion and product. Too often, when we do this kind of writing, we practice hand-waving. We say, “Look at all these inefficiencies in how people are managing their direct marketing efforts! They need something new! And look, we’re here and we’re offering something new!”

There’s a gap in that story, right in the middle. When you’re telling it to yourself or to your team, you can leap across that gap. But to the customer, it’s a crevasse (how does your product solve my problem?) Too often when we tell these stories, we’re good at pointing out the problem, but we’re not so good at making the case that we’ve found the solution. That’s where outsiders come in. I specialize in fine-tuning these stories, taking masses of data and analysis and messaging and turning it into something that is clear and coherent to an external audience.

When you hire me, you get a proven storyteller–someone who’s worked both with nimble technology companies and large public institutions.

My services include:

  • Report preparation — I can transform consultants’ reports and chapters from individual authors, condensing and rewriting them until you have a coherent output that meets your needs. With my background in economics and my experience in both the public policy and the technology sectors, I have the knowledge that’s needed to understand complex topics and rewrite them for the intended target audience, whether that’s investors, senior management, government officials, or the general public. (My particular specialties are climate change policy and the environment).
  • Ghost writing — Whether you need to write a pamphlet on how to use your new product or an op-ed about the implications of your research on cap-and-trade policy, I can work with you to iron out your message and present it clearly for an external audience. I’m only the midwife: when finished, your ideas will go out under your name.
  • Content development and strategy — If you’re a company or organization that doesn’t have the web presence that it wants, the reason is often a lack of value-add for the casual browser. I can help you think about what your website has to offer to the millions of people out there who are conducting searches that are relevant to your project, and I can help you to create, run, and populate a blog that will drive internet traffic to your site.

If you’re thinking about using my services, please contact me at rahul.kanakia@gmail.com, and we can talk about your needs. I’m also happy to provide a cost estimate and/or send you some samples of my work.