What I’m working on these days

Hey there friends. I did that thing where when you’re on book deadline you don’t update your blog anymore. I’m okay with it!

Anyway now that I am not on deadline anymore, I am trying to do things that are energizing and are good for me and all that junk. My first step was accepting that I do most of my reading in audio. That’s just where I am right now. I spend A LOT of time ignoring Leni and waiting for her to go to sleep, and that’s audiobook time. The bulk of my textual reading this year has been reading friend’s books on the kindle and reading Hegel’s Logic. Right now I’m trying to read Philosophy of the Right. It’s slow going, but I’m hanging in there. After this I want to move on to Marx. Anyway, I’m meeting myself where I am at.

Am also trying to prioritize my health the way I prioritize my writing. I don’t want to be 50-60-70 and feel like the window has passed for me to improve my achy joints and lower back.

In terms of writing projects, I’m working on a proposal for a nonfiction book of literary criticism about the canon. An editor contacted me after reading my essays in LARB and wondered if I could expand some of those ideas into a book. I feel laughably unqualified to write about the canon, but also…not a lot of professors have the kind of broad base of reading you’d need to write the specific book I’m envisioning, and very few books about the Canon (which in my case includes some Eastern books that’ve come out in good English translations, but obviously is mostly tilted toward the Western Canon) have come out from people of color. So maybe it’ll be a good contribution to the field. I hope that I get to write it! My mom said “That book would be tenurable!” But thank God I’m not a professor and don’t need to worry about that.

Also working on a sci-fi novel. But that’s something I’ve said numerous times before, and it’s never quite worked out. Maybe this time it will though!

And…that’s what I’m doing. The end.