Getting close to the end of this revision

Hello friends. I’m entering the home stretch of revising this YA novel. After this I will have NO looming deadlines! Got some things I might try out, including a proposal for another YA novel, but we’ll see what happens! Anywaysssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…I started reading Hegel’s Philosophy of the Right—definitely should’ve read it before The Science of Logic. It’s a thousand times more comprehensible, and it makes clear certain of the assumptions that underpin the Hegelian system. Essentially, in Hegel you’re trying to intuit the concepts that underlie the way things are. So when it comes to morality, you’re looking at systems of morality and trying to intuit their essential principles, and from these you develop an idea of how things ought to be. Except the Spirit outpaces philosophy, so philosophy is inevitably always playing catch up and trying to figure out and justify the developments the Spirit is undergoing. The problem here is obvious—you can’t use this philosophy to figure out how things ought to be. Or, rather, you can say that a certain system is not in accordance with how the spirit is currently developing, but someone else can be like, no this system is part of that development. So it doesn’t fulfill the essential function of metaphysics, which is to give us truth about things that are beyond our senses—the truth of how things should be and what is their essential form.

On the other hand, the book makes it more clear that Hegel’s system is grounded in actuality, and it’s also grounded in a sort of mystical feeling that there is an order to the shape of society—it’s not all random or arbitrary.

Also finished reading The Diary of Anne Frank, brilliant book, kind of funny how hard it would be to get published as YA: the fact that they’re in hiding adds poignancy and drama to the story, but it’s largely about her own development, her understanding of herself and her character, her development as an artist, and her attempts to connect with other people. Really, really liked it.

Now am trying to listen to some other stuff. We’ll see how it goes.

The YA novel has been tough. I mean, the writing has gone okay. It’s been of about medium difficulty—was kind of stumped at the beginning, but once I figured out my approach it hasn’t been too bad. It just ended up being on a short deadline (sort of my fault for not figuring out my approach for a while) and came at a difficult time, so have had to just be head’s down and move forward.

I’ve really been feeling the responsibility involved in there being so few YA novels by and about transfem people. I know that probably only a very few trans girls will read this, but I feel like I’ve got to warn them about some things, and those things are gonna make non-trans people unhappy. It’s just astonishing the amount of lying people do (not just to kids, but to everyone). Anyway, going into that mindset has been really tough, but only tough in a relative sense—I mean it’s better than digging ditches.

Here’s a picture of a dog. Not my dog. Just a random open-source public-domain creative commons dog.

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