Spent an hour this morning on an old pastime

I can’t be the first person to notice that the WordPress.com editor is extremely slow. It doesn’t matter what browser or app I use. I even downloaded the desktop application, and I’m typing in it right now, and there’s a noticeable delay between when I type the word and when it appears. It seems absurd–it’s basically a text editor, how hard can it be to optimize it and make it at least as fast as every other text entry field on the internet? Hmm, it just occurred to me that the fault might lie in some of the plugins I run.

Okay I did it, I went and deactivated all my plug-ins and performance has slightly improved! Maybe that was the solution the whole time. They really shouldn’t let people like me run websites–I know just enough to mess everything up completely.

Anyway, I continue to have nothing to do. I mean, I’m doing this and that. I wrote a short story and an essay yesterday, and today I sent the story out. Then I did the thing I nowadays rarely do, where I looked at my submissions spreadsheet and saw how long my stories had been out, and then I went to Duotrope and looked up the average response time for each publication, and I tried to gauge whether my submission had made it to the second round of consideration or not.

This is how I used to spend hours upon hours of my time back in the day–I’d just think, wow, I can’t imagine how my life will change after I sell to F&SF.

Of course now I’ve had two stories in that venerable rag, and my life is just the same, but still, it’s fun to imagine. I nowadays expect never to sell anything I write, so it’s always a fun surprise when an acceptance comes through. Right now I have things overdue at Analog, which is the last of the big three digests I haven’t yet sold to. I finally wrote an Analog-type story, about an arcane science-y thing, so who knows, maybe they’ll come through!