Giving equal weight to personal and to work goals

Okay, I’m a convert now to the idea that the new WordPress block editor is hard to use. I’ve given up on it—the interface literally feels creaky and slow, like there’s a lag or something before my words appear. Not sure what’s going on there. Lately I’ve been writing my posts in markdown in Notes and just copy/pasting them into WordPress.

Life has been good! I’m entering the last act of the YA novel (due to my editor 11/1) and as usually happens, there are a lot of things I want to clean up in the rest of the draft so that the ending can be really sharp and make sense. And then cleaning up that stuff has revealed other deficiencies that I also need to fix, and it’s a whole thing.

Where does the time go! As I write this, it’s already 2 PM! What have I done today?????? I did realize, however, that our days look a lot fuller and more productive if we realize that our work is only one part of our lives, one contributor to our happiness. For instance, I’ve recently made a commitment to throwing out all my old clothes from my male times, which means I need to buy, like, new pants and new t-shirts, new clothes just for throwing on and heading out. And I don’t feel safe going to stores, so I order them online, and then they come, and you have to try them on.

When I make lists of goals, making progress with transitioning is always in the top three, but there’s not really a lot you can do to speed things up—changing how I dress is one of those things, though! At any given time, I find there is one thing that’s really affecting how I think of myself. For a while it was body hair, then my voice, now my dress. I mean it’s a never-ending process, but it’s important is all I’m saying—equally as important to my well-being as other things that I’d technically mark in the ‘productive’ column.

Or having lunch with a friend, as I did today—it took two hours, between driving to his neighborhood and coming back—but every time I make lists of goals, I’m like…having more of a community, having more friends, that’s important. That’s also in my top three.

And, finally, I have this chronic knee pain, and what really helps is the stationary bicycle. And nothing will improve my quality of life more than addressing the knee pain. Addressing my knee pain is always in my top three goals too.

So when you put all those goals up next to the work goals, first of all, I don’t even know if work is in the top three—I think it is, but if so then it’s the fourth thing in the top three—but when you put it next to everything and give it all equal weight, then can I really say that today was less productive, given that I made progress on three of my top four goals, whereas yesterday I only made progress on one (work).

Also, I’m about to make some progress on work. As soon as I’m done writing this entry (which is definitely not in my top three.)

close up photo of a person s hand touching her knee
Knee health is very important.
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