Eighteen hundred short story rejections!!!!

Okay I wrote a whole post on this, but somehow wordpress ate it! Today I got my eighteen hundredth short story rejection! That’s a lot! I forgot to mark my 1700th rejection with a post, so I don’t know precisely how long it’s been since my last century, but I have posts commemorating my other hundreds: if you want links they’re in the sidebar to the right.

Eighteen hundred. That’s something. That’s from over 380 journals. I’ve written 255 stories, most of which have accumulated at least one rejection. And in that time I’ve made 62 story sales, meaning my rejection to acceptance ration is something on the order of 30 to 1. It’s gotten a little better in the last few years. I think in the span of the last hundred, I’ve sold six stories, making a rejection to acceptance ratio of 16 to 1. And for the past five years, I’ve averaged about four to six acceptances for every rejection, so it’s not so bad. And I no longer submit to markets as far down on the totem pole as back when I started out, so the numbers don’t tell the whole truth. If we were just to look at acceptances which paid real money, then my first one came after about three or four hundred rejections, and I would usually only get one every hundred rejections for a little while. So it is what it is! Congratulations to me!