I told you I was going to put more work into this blog, and I have now done it

Well it took me at least four hours, but I went through the last four years of posting on this blog, and I did two things: first, I found some more posts to put in the ‘top posts’ widget on the left-hand side of the page; second, I updated the “all the books I have written about” listing at the top, so it’s current up to today.

The reason for both these things is the same: I think the writing on this blog has improved considerably in the last few years, but the bulk of the content is from 2010 through 2013. As such, if you just follow links as you find them, you’re probably gonna end up at some terrible blog post I wrote when I was 25! So I thought I’d even things out a little by adding some more links to the recent years. Of course only about ten percent of the posts on the blog were put up in the last four years, so the index of books only increased by about ten percent, but I was at least able to weight the ‘top posts’ list on the left so the uppermost links are to better and more recent entries.

That was a lot of work! And my blog isn’t even popular. No wonder people get tired of maintaining their blogs and just quit after a while.