Having a baby has not proven the shock I thought it would be

I continue to be a sheltered-at-home baby-haver. She’s my baby, whom I have, and I can kiss her cute little baby head whenever I want. For the past few days the sleep deficit has caught up to me. Even though I’m getting more sleep than my wife, it’s still only about five or six hours a night, and I’m used to something more on the order of eight or nine. At first it was okay, but it added up after two weeks to a constant weariness. Today though I finally got a long stretch of sleep, and I woke up feeling good!

Even before today, I’d been surprised that this having-a-baby thing wasn’t the total, abrupt shift from not-having-a-baby that I’d been expected. A friend told me that there’s sort of a ramp up, so eventually when you get to two years old and they’re running around screaming at everyone and throwing things, you’re like, oh, I got here by stages.

My book is out. That’s good. Happy people are finding it and reading it. If you’re my friend and haven’t bought one, then please buy one. If you’re a fan of my blog and haven’t bought one, then you could also buy one. Just generally buy my book. You don’t need to read it, buying it is more than enough. If you’re buying a paper copy, consider buying it from my local bookstore, Alley Cat Books. Amazon is offering zero discount on my book right now, and Alley Cat is offering ten percent, so it’s even cost-effective.

Work continues apace on my novel for adults, The Lonely Years. I am loving this revision. I’ve actually been able to write during this period: I think I was just in such a good place, creatively, before this quarantine that not even Covid and a baby could keep me down! It’s a hard thing to work on a book in the best of times, never knowing if it’ll actually see the light of day. I started We Are Totally Normal almost exactly four years ago, in April 2016, and it’s only just now coming out. I started The Lonely Years two years ago, in January 2018, and at best the book won’t come out before 2023.

To take control of my creative life a little more, I’ve also begun work on an exciting self-published product. While I was looking for an agent to represent The Lonely Years (an effort that didn’t quite succeed, hence my current revision), I took out some of my anxiety and frustration by writing my own guide for newbie writers: The Cynical Writer’s Guide to the Publishing Industry, which is all about how to pitch and position your book so it gains the excitement of traditional publishing. The book is excellent. It’s absolutely unlike any book on publishing that you’ve ever read. I’m thinking of self-publishing it in October of this year (since it wouldn’t be fair to the publisher of We Are Totally Normal to be marketing two books at once).

I’m now working on a second book in the series, The Cynical Writer’s Guide to Literary Stardom, which is all about how to make it in literary fiction.

What qualifies me to write such guides, you might ask? Well…nothing, to be honest. But they’re mostly written as entertainment and as therapy for the frustrated writer. As the books themselves say upfront, you should take their advice with a grain of salt.