Have had some good writing news

As I reported on Facebook, I just sold a story to the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. It’s one of the oldest sci-fi magazines in the world, and one of the few still published in paper format. It’s one of the “big three,” along with Analog and Asimov’s (which are also basically the only three survivors of the old print-magazine sci-fi short-fiction world). That’s a term which means less and less nowadays, since Lightspeed, Clarkesworld, and Tor.com are all publishing great stories that’re easily the equal of the big three.

But still, it means something to break into the digests, and I’m pretty happy about it. I’ve suspected for a few years now that if I sold to one, it’d be to F&SF. Though I’ve had a number of lovely rejections from Sheila at Asimov’s, it feels like my rejections from Gordon van Gelder and his successor, Charlie Finlay, have been getting longer and longer.

With regards to the story itself, it’s about an alien youth, the child of immigrants to Earth, who becomes sexually obsessed with a human military hero. And also Earth is at war with the youth’s species. It’s a pretty cool story, trust me.

In other good writing news, I also had a story picked up by a Year’s Best anthology. Since the table of contents isn’t public yet, I’ll hold off on revealing it. But, like selling to a Big Three digest, it’s been a goal of mine since the beginning of my career, thirteen years ago, to someday have a story reprinted in a Year’s Best compendium.

All of this makes me think I should write some more short fiction at some point, but I’ve kind of forgotten how! “Bodythoughts” was only written because I was invited out to a writing night by a friend of mine and I was like, hmm, I might as well toodle around with something. This story, unlike most of my work nowadays, went through extremely minimal revision before going it. I mean, there was some. Originally I was doing some weird stuff in it with pronouns that didn’t quite work. But anyway I didn’t rewrite it or anything. Just one of those tales, I guess!

I was also recently invited to a YA anthology for which I have to turn in a story by, like, the first week of January. So I really gotta buckle up and write this stupid thing! I guess that’s what I’ll be doing for the next week or three.

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