I just really really really really really miss THE GOOD WIFE

o-THE-GOOD-WIFE-facebook.jpgWe’re well into the television season, and I realized I’m so behind. It’s not even that there’s not good stuff. Earlier I was looking at my Netflix account and I realized I hadn’t yet finished the latest seasons of Orange Is The New Black (once my favorite show) or The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. And these are shows I really like!

As for new shows? Forget about it. I haven’t watched a new show in ages.

I think the culprit is the cancellation of The Good Wife. That was a show that really kept me in tune with the television season. For 24 weeks out of the year, for the last seven years, I’ve had a show that I looked forward to. And when you get in the mindset of looking forward to a show, and of watching at least an hour of TV every week, then you also make room in your life for other television shows.

Without that regularity, I just have less room for television.

It also doesn’t help that Marvel is ruining TV the same way it ruined the movies, and now all the hype all over my FB feed is inevitably for something I know I’m gonna hate. But that’s really only a secondary culprit. Really it’s the The Good Wife thing.