Running a giveaway for my book!

Hey, so for the last year all my friends have been asking me, "Hey, so I can get an advance copy of your book?" And the answer has always been NO. I was even reluctant to give my mom a copy (though I sort of had to). However now my book's launch is only a month away (it's coming out on August 2nd, and you can preorder it on Amazon right now!), and I'm finding myself with a number of advance copies, so I'm having one of these fancy Rafflecopter giveaways. Yes, just click this link and do the stuff in order to enter. Just click on the link and do the stuff in order to enter. It's that simple. I'll get in touch with the winners and mail them a copy of the book!

Also, you should tell other people about this giveaway in order to create the impression that everybody in the world is excited about my book =]

Oh, and finally, you're all invited to my launch party! It's at 6:30 PM on August 6th at the Berkeley Library. I'll read (I'm a pretty good reader), and there are books for sale, aaaand, I hope to see you.