Doing my best to not go insane

In preparation for the release of Enter Title Here, I’ve stopped reading my online mentions and the goodreads page for my book. It was a necessary thing for my sanity. No matter how many good reviews I got, one negative mention was enough to ruin a whole day. Probably somewhere out there is an author with a strong enough self-image to take this sort of thing, but I am not he.

I flatter myself that I’m doing a relatively good job of staying sane in this, the month before the release of my debut. I’m not constantly eaten up with anxiety and worry, and my life isn’t constant torment. But I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t cast a bit of a shadow. I’m excited to have the book out in the world, but in general the dread far exceeds the excitement. It’s a subtle thing, but some days I’ll wake this vague feeling of anxiousness–a sense that something in the world isn’t quite right–and I’ll realize, after hours have passed, that the only thing it could be is fear about my book.