How do you keep your list of to-be-read books?

I'm almost done with In Search of Lost Time, which means after two and a half months I'm finally gonna be able to read, like, other books. I have a list of books that interest me, which range from friends' YA novels to other classics. For years I've kept my book lists in a pretty haphazard fashion, usually either in a spreadsheet or in a series of Evernote docs. Lately though I've started keeping them in an Amazon wish list, which seems marginally better, since I read all my books on Kindle. Personally, I try not to buy books until the moment when I'm actually ready to read them (although I am a sucker for those $1.99 Kindle daily deals). I guess some people use Goodreads to keep their wish lists, but I'm a bit afraid of how public it is. I have no idea what info other people can see on my Goodreads page and what they can't, and I'm pretty certain I don't want the whole YA community to know all the books I'm thinking about reading.

3 thoughts on “How do you keep your list of to-be-read books?

  1. davidperlmutter1

    Personally, I just keep my dance card full at my local library with all the good old and new stuff they got there, and then sit back and wait until I can get it.

    1. R. H. Kanakia

      But then it often comes either long before or after you’re ready for it! I also keep books on hold at the library, but I try not to have too many on hold at once or they all pile up.

      1. davidperlmutter1

        Yeah. That can happen, too. But there’s also this great shop online called Abebooks, and they make sure to have all the ones the library capriciously gets rid of before I can read them!

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