Paused right at the cusp of the kissing part

This is my last day of my residency, and I think I am done writing here for now. I wrote 4,200 words today, which brings the book up to about 48,000 words. And it also brought me to the most magical part of any book: the kissing part.

I used to not be a big believer in the kissing part. In fact I thought the kissing part was both unnecessary and a little bit bourgeois: it was a symptom of the middle- and upper-class’s retreat away from the real world and into the mystical land of self-actualization. Falling in love feels important, but it’s not actually important to anyone besides yourself, and the amount of time and effort and angst devoted to the matter always seemed to me somewhat silly.

Of course, I also used to be a twenty-six year old virgin (not that there’s anything wrong with that! I am just saying that in my case it was a result of a crippling terror of making romantic overtures to anyone, ever, and that this obviously also leaked through in my attitudes towards fiction).

Now I am a huge believer in the kissing part! I mean this seriously: falling in love is important stuff, folks.

So now there is this part in my book where there male and female leads finally get together, and I am so excited about it that I’m purposefully dragging my feet on writing it. It’s not often that you get to experience these things in life. That moment before you write an important scene is just so great, and it feels so real, and it’s so full of hope. And oftentimes what comes after that moment is not so awesome. Who knows what will happen to this book? I’ve given up on predicting futures for my books. While I write them, I always love them, but sometimes they turn out to be completely unsalable. It is a problem.

Which is why I’m doing my best to settle down and enjoy whatever parts I’m able to.

Did I ever mention the working title of this book? I also really like this title. I was lukewarm on it for a bit, but I’ve come around. It’s called Tell Them They’re Amazing.

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