Now almost two thirds of the way through the book

I think it’s gonna come in at about 70,000 words, and I’m at 45,000. So that’s like two thirds, right? Pretty exciting, considering a month ago I hadn’t even conceived of this book.

Anyway I’m now at that stage where I’m fairly certain I will complete the book. That is a good thing. I do get daunted a little bit, by how LONG the whole book-writing-and-publication process is. I mean Enter Title Here, which I wrote three and a half years ago, is still three months from coming out. Will this book take three and a half years to come out? Unclear.

I feel like I had something very trenchant to say. Oh well, I forgot it. My thing of writing in these notebooks has continued throughout the process. I filled fourteen notebook pages this morning before I even got to work on the actual writing. And it is actually fun. The scenes and sketches in the notebook also aren’t bad. Like, they’re as good as the actual novel. They just don’t have a place in the novel (usually, at this point, because they’re in other points of view). Maybe if my book becomes a hit though I can find some way to cobble them together into some sort of Kindle Single, though =]