Wrap-Up Season 2015: My twelfth year of writing

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 5.13.07 PM

This year was a little bit less productive than last year. For the first time in four years, I had several days (8 or 9) when I didn't write anything. Many of my metrics (hours of writing, hours of reading, etc) are down slightly, but not in a way that particularly worries me. I feel like I've gone past the point where I need to increase the number of hours per day I spend writing.

I wrote two books last year, but only one this year. On the other hand, I wrote only five stories last year, as compared to eighteen this year. This was my second best year in terms of selling stories. I sold stories for the first time to Lightspeed, Interzone, Nightmare. And I made my fifth sale to Nature and my third to the Intergalactic Medicine Show. I don't exactly keep track of when my stories come out, but I was proud of "Corridors," my Nature story, and "Here Is My Thinking On A Situation That Concerns Us All" in Lightspeed.

Most of my time this year went either to revising or to working on failed novel projects. It was a huge relief to finally finish A Sword Named Perhaps earlier in the year.

But the process of failing taught me an incredible amount both about how to structure a novel and about what I ought to write about.

In general, not a bad year.