Going to do less wrapping-up this year

Normally each year December is the wrap-up season on my blog, where I summarize all my reading and writing and life-related stuff throughout the year. And I’m definitely going to do that this year too! But I think it will be abbreviated. Not sure why I’m less invested in it this year, but I am, and there’s no escaping that.

Blog writing is an interesting thing. It’s unmistakably an obligation. If you’re going to get anywhere with this, then you’ve got to keep doing it on a regular schedule. This blog isn’t the most popular in the world, but it’s got readers, and I want it to someday have more, and that means providing content.

But you also can’t just grind it out, because the rewards aren’t high enough for that. I mean, it’s not a day job, and it’s not even the kind of blog where I’d get anxious emails if I didn’t post for a few months. It’s just sort of this thing that I do, and that means that you’ve got to find a way to keep sane about it.