On my inability to reach nailclipper saturation

I’m constantly losing my nailclippers and buying new ones. I don’t know where they go. They don’t leave the house, really. So what’s happening?

For years, I had a theory that I’d someday reach nailclipper saturation: the point at which there’d be a nailclipper in every place (bedroom, bathroom, cabinet, travel bag, etc) that could possibly have one, and that when I reached that point I would no longer have to buy new ones, because I’d always be able to lay hands on a nailclipper with even minimal searching.

So far as I can tell, this hasn’t come close to happening. Not sure what the flaw is in the plan. I suppose the only explanation is that there are way more places for a nailclipper to be than I had ever imagined there could be.

In the end, I’ve started to realize that there’s no way to buy your way out of simple problems. An ounce of care (having a set place for my nailclipper and taking two seconds to return it there after I use it) has been the only way to solve this issue.

This is something that applies in a lot of situations.I sometimes have the feeling that I can just sort of do the default thing and it’ll be fine, but in the end there’s no system in life runs automatically, no matter how much money you put into it. My car, for instance, is not something I fix on my own. For years, whenever something went wrong with it I’d take it to the dealership and they’d fix it and I’d pay. And this was a pretty good system, I thought. After all, these people only work on VWs all day, so surely they know how to fix them. And I knew I was paying a surcharge for the convenience of not having to think very hard about where to take my car or how good my mechanics might be, but so long as the work got done, I was happy.

Then my transmission started giving me trouble, and the dealership said I needed to pay $5,000 to get the whole thing replaced! Well, that was too much. I’d finally reached the point I realized with nailclippers–the point where I realized that the cost of inattention was too high. So I ended up calling around and finding a good guy and he fixed it for $1,000!!!