Amazing how many weird little ancillary tasks pop up when you become a writer

Yesterday, I spent two hours reading, rereading, and formulating Author Spotlight questions for two stories that are going to appear in Queers Destroy Fantasy. It was a much larger expenditure of time than I'd expected. They asked me to do it, I think, because they wanted even the interviewers to be queer? And I volunteered because I don't know. It felt like good citizenship. 

It's odd how this kind of stuff happens more and more as you progress as an author. People ask you to do stuff: give them advice, judge contests, write a blog post. What I like best are the requests where they don't pretend that they're doing you a favor. Sometimes you just want someone to do something for you, and there's really no shame in that. 

For me, these requests are fairly infrequent, but I imagine that for an established author they would occur with maddening regularly. It'd be an interesting problem to have. I'd find it incredibly bizarre to get to the point where I had to start ignoring peoples' requests, but I suppose it'll happen someday.