Did lots of fiddly little business things today

I’ve recently gone ahead and hired an accountant. Didn’t mean to. Thought I could keep doing my taxes on my own. But H&R Block really tried to screw me in a way that would be utterly dull to describe, so I finally went ahead and retained the accountant that my parents have been using for years. She’s already saved me money, and she’s also given me some advice on how to handle myself.

One of her pieces of advice was that if you’re self-employed, the IRS likes to see that you conduct the business side of your operations as if they were a real business, so I’ve gotten another credit card just for business expenses (my healthcare premiums, conference registrations, submission fees, etc) and another checking account that I’ll just use to deposit my writing and freelance income. It’s all getting kind of dizzying, but I suppose I’ll manage.