I’m back!

Went to Burning Man. Had a good time. Not sure I'll go back, though. Might not exactly be my thing. But it was still a good experience.

I thought I was taking a break from writing, but I ended up writing six stories in six days! It was pretty incredible! For comparison, I'd only written ten stories in the eight months before Burning Man and fifteen stories in the two years before Burning Man. So it was a fairly sustained creative outpouring. Not sure Burning Man is to thank so much as my desire to avoid Burning Man. Still, I got into a pretty good rhythm--draft the story longhand from 11 AM to 3 PM and then spend the rest of the day brainstorming the next day's effort. I think I've gotten some good (i.e. salable) stories out of it, but we'll see!

It was odd. When I was telling people that I was writing stories at Burning Man, several of them found oblique ways to ask me if these were, like, real stories--ones that were up to my usual standards--or if they were wild and crazy Burning Man-inspired exercises.

No. They were real stories. I try to only write real stories. They were inspired by Burning Man, but they were filtered through my experience. The emotions are there, and some of the energy and the aesthetics. But everything is altered. I'm excited for them to sell, so you all can read them and see whether you can sense any Burning Man type shit inside them.