Soon I will take my longest-ever blogging holiday

In a week, I’m going to be at Burning Man! Apparently it is full of insects this year. Not good. I thought the one benefit of going to a harsh desert environment that’s inimical to all forms of life would be it’s, you know, inimicalness to pestilential life. But no luck. Apparently it’s been a wet year and the insects are breeding.

It’s my first time. I imagine I’ll be extremely uncomfortable. I get headaches from even mild physical discomfort, so I’m not sure what will happen during ten days of intense heat and cold and high altitude. Sometimes I, a little bit, regret that I’m doing this, but I really can’t start bailing out on things just because I’m afraid that I might be uncomfortable. Anyway, there will be no posts (or any communication from me at all) from August 28th to September 7th.

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