Finally got a Los Angeles library card

I’m at the Lambda Literary Retreat for Emerging LGBT Writers. It’s great. Really enjoying it. It’s kind of like the Launchpad workshop, but without the terrible altitude sickness! And I finally realized my year-long dream of getting an LA library card!!!

Little backstory: I read most of my books on the Kindle. And almost all libraries, nowadays, have a kindle lending library. And the bigger the library system, the bigger their kindle book selection. San Francisco has tons of Kindle books, but LA’s selection DWARFS theirs. I mean, it’s no surprise. If you have a book that only gets checked out once per year per million people, then it’d only get checked out like .8 times a year in SF, but in LA it’d get checked out eight times! Which means it makes way more sense for LA to have a copy than it would for SF to have one.

Anyway, almost all library systems in CA will give a library card to anyone with a CA address, even if it’s in a different municipality. I have no idea why they do this. Maybe it’s a state law. Anyway, I’m not sure they’ve quite realized the ramifications of this reciprocity when it comes to ebooks (i.e. my LA library card is useless for checking out physical books unless I’m actually in LA, but with it I can check out LA ebooks no matter where I am in the world). I’m sure they will cut off out-of-system ebook lending eventually, but until then I’m going to be sitting pretty!