I keep a list of things that I am worried about

Years ago, I was worried about stuff. Maybe it was getting into MFA programs. And I read that Dale Carnegie book (the other one): How To Stop Worrying And Start Living. And In that book there’s a testimonial from a guy who said that he’d started writing down his anxieties as they occurred to him and then checking back in a few months later to see how they’d all turned out. So ever since then I’ve kept a file called “What I am worried about” which lists about three year’s worth of anxieties.

And, in general, 90% of the things I worried about did not come to pass. And out of the other 10%, I mostly got over them within a few weeks. It really is true: the fear of something bad is usually worse than the actuality.

The problem with anxiety is that it feels like a prophylactic. It’s almost a form of magical thinking. If you worry about every eventuality, then somehow they won’t come to pass. But it’s silly. The worst things that happen in your life are things you can’t ever anticipate. And the best things, too, come as a surprise.

Yes, this is a short entry. Umm…I’m gonna be at BayCon this weekend! Anyone else gonna be there?