So much work

Again, not a lot of work in an absolute sense. Just a lot more work than my current work management techniques are really equipped for. Really, it’s just the number of projects that are all happening at more or less the same time. Normally I like to do just one thing at once, but that’s just not doable. I just spent fourteen days, for instance, writing a story that’d been solicited from me for an anthology. If that’d been the only thing I’d done for those fourteen days, I can’t even imagine what kind of hole I’d be in right now. Instead, I was simultaneously doing the final edits on Enter Title Here. Of course, I have no idea if either of those activities would’ve taken less time if they’d been the sole focus of my work.

But the problem when you make something your sole focus is that sometimes you just end up spinning your wheels on a task–sometimes for months–and if during that time you’re not doing anything else, then you end up completely screwed.