Been leaving my phone and my computer in the living room when I go to bed

(The name of this picture is 'stock footage of senior man reading in bed')
(The name of this picture is ‘stock footage of senior man reading in bed’)

Before I had a smartphone, I used to wake up every day and do two hours of reading before I left my bed. True story. I never had such an easy time getting absorbed in a book as I did during those two hours from 7:30ish to 9:30ish AM. And it was such a simple thing. All I had to do was make sure that my kindle was closer to me than my computer. I’m not sure this was the best use of my happy, alert morning hours–I don’t know about you, but I am often so happy and alert in the mornings–but it was certainly better than what I began to do after I got a smartphone, which was browse the internet on my phone for an hour and a half.

All this browsing was not optimal, but it seemed inescapable. After all, my phone is an integral part of me. It is the only thing in the world that I love.

But then I went out on a date with a woman* who told me that she never takes her phone into the bedroom! Which was shocking. And a little appalling. And it took me months to wrap my head around the idea that this might be an appropriate way to behave. But I’ve recently come around. Now I keep my phone charger in the living room, and I put my phone to charge on the living room table before I go to bed. I’ve been relying on my watch alarm to wake me up, which actually works surprisingly well. And my morning reading has returned! It’s pretty excellent.

Of course, the upshot of this is that yesterday I missed a call from my parents in New Delhi =/ So if you ever try and fail to reach me in the morning, then please know it’s because I just don’t have my phone to hand.

But if you try and fail to reach me any other time of the day, it’s because I’m ignoring you.

*Yes, I went on a date with a woman. I’ve been identifying for awhile as a bisexual person. It is a thing.

4 thoughts on “Been leaving my phone and my computer in the living room when I go to bed

  1. Joey

    I feel pressured to choose sides by the luddite vs luddite-hater dichotomy. Maybe this is just me. It’s as if I shouldn’t just choose, on a case-by-case basis, when unplugging is good for me, and when it isn’t, or whether I should unplug from certain things while staying plugged into others. And since I’m much more of a luddite-hater than a luddite, it naturally doesn’t occur to me that sometimes, in certain cases, in certain ways, I ought to unplug. Like, most of my Facebook use just makes me jealous of other people. It doesn’t help my life that much. So I should probably browse Facebook less. But that doesn’t mean I should start chanting “technology is ruining our lives,” or anything like that. I should just use technology for some other purpose than getting really neurotic.

    1. R. H. Kanakia

      Oh, the iPhone is an amazing device! I definitely would not go back to the days before the iPhone. It’s just something that you need to work to keep within bounds. Facebook, too, often makes me jealous, but I’ve made and kept some fantastic friends through it. Before FB, how did people maintain friendships? People probably just disappeared from your life as soon as they were out of sight.

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