Doing my second-round edits; not having the best of times with them

Think this is proof positive that my mood is making me feel unmotivated about my writing (rather than my writing bringing down my mood), because this is quite possibly the easiest and lightest writing-related task I could possibly have. My 2nd round editorial notes on Enter Title Here are, while extensive, not very onerous. Mostly lots of little little changes. A few sentences to add. A paragraph to rewrite. A scene to play with. All pretty simple. And MUCH less work and danger of failure than with my first round edits (which involved a level of alteration to the manuscript that I still find a bit shocking). However, despite that, I still have zero desire to undertake this task and I keep flinching away from the notes instead of actually reading them.

But I’m powering through and making progress,, and will assuredly be done by my April 1st deadline.