Been doing some walking

Not walking marathons or anything. Just walking to places in Berkeley. The grocery store. Restaurants. The library. That sort of thing. I really love this neighborhood. It's pretty suburban, but it's dense suburbia. No McMansions or tract development. All the houses were obviously built at different times by different people, so there's a huge variation in lot sizes, styles, heights, colors, landscaping, etc. The effect is, at times, a bit jumbled and discordant.

It's distinctly different from both Baltimore and San Francisco, where you have long stretches of row homes that display a pretty unified style: three stories tall, boxy bay windows, front facade fairly close to the sidewalk, etc. I think the row home look is beautiful too. Every time I go to SF's Castro neighborhood or Mission District, I'm struck by how I'm being presented with such a singular aesthetic experience. But the aesthetic experience I get here is pretty nice too.