Have every social engagement in the universe today…

...also, yesterday I sent out my middle-grade novel to a few people for their impressions. It's only 30,000 words long. Not the first novella I've ever written, but probably the first that's not a horrible structural mess? I think it really helped me to think of the book as a novel.

Anyway, this means I have a few weeks to think about other projects. I don't know what I'll do. Maybe just meander around and sip tea and think airy-fairy thoughts.

Sometimes I get this urge to read a really long classic Chinese novel. Once upon when I was in a mood like this, I read The Tale of Genji (not Chinese, I know, but still a very long classic novel from East Asia). I have all of the five volumes in the Penguin classics translation of The Story of the Stone (also called Dream of the Red Chamber) and I periodically wonder whether now is the time to read them. I think I also have Romance of the Three Kingdoms? But that seems a bit too action-packed for me. What I really liked about The Tale of Genji was that it was so dreamy and slow. Story of the Stone is like that, except there are so many characters to keep track of. There were no characters in Genji. Seriously. Nobody had a name.