You just put one letter in front of another and eventually it’s done

Now that I'm getting close(r) to the end, it's interesting to ponder this whole novel-revision experience. In many ways, it's been emotionally similar to writing the novel in the first place. At the beginning, it felt very overwhelming. I had to make so many fine little changes and untangle so many little things. I'd spend hours thinking about how to alter one tiny scene. But as the days passed, the changes accumulated and the number of possible options decreased, and now I'm at the point where only a few things can happen. Also, just like when initially writing the novel, it's possible to just press forward without exactly knowing what's going to happen. As I sit here, I still don't exactly know what's going to happen at the climactic moment of the novel. Will she press forward with her plans for destruction? Or will she pull back? I don't know. Both seem equally probable. that I'm writing this, that sounds kind of bad? Shouldn't I have figured that out by now? But I don't know. That's the point. I did have it figured out, but as the revision progressed, everything became more ambiguous.