Home stretch

Only have ten days before I need to turn in the revised version of this novel. I think I can manage it. I'm pretty sure I can, anyway. Of course, it's not like the world explodes if it takes a few extra days. But I don't think I'll need to take those days. Right now I'm just about to finish substantive changes. Then I need to make a pass through the book to make sure everything is coherent and to take out all the fragments of things that I've since cut. Then I want to make ANOTHER pass to tighten up the language. The book's language was pretty tight in the version that was submitted and sold, but with this revision I've cut what feels like 10k words and added what feels like 20k, so that will have obviously introduced some laxness into the prose. Finally, I'm sure the text is now rife with spelling and grammatical errors, so I'll make a third pass to try and catch at least some of those. That's the one I'm dreading, honestly. I hate the copy-editing. Still, I suppose I ought to do it, since each one I catch now is one fewer one that'll have to be fixed later. That last bit is going to take at least two days, too. It's insane how long it takes to copy-edit anything.