Still in Salt Lake City; have a hectic week coming up

I’m still in Salt Lake. Flying out tonight. It’s been a good visit. Had some good time with lots of fellow writers. The children’s book writers of Utah have one of the warmest and most inclusive literary communities I’ve ever seen. And they’re also really fun, interesting people.

Next week is gonna be terb. I’m in the process of moving out of my room. It was a decent place, but I decided to go with a slightly different living arrangement. Of course, that means I’m very much in transition. I’m moving into a sublet in Berkeley. And then hope to find an apartment that I can get into by Nov 1, but who knows? Anyway, it is a process. A long and annoying process. A process that is wreaking havoc on my writing. I think I’m going to pull back a little, do some revising, and try to recharge a bit. I don’t have any edits or anything to do for my book yet, so I do have some downtime built into my life right now.