Really happy to have sold* another story to a literary magazine

Just got word today that The Indiana Review wants to publish "Sunday," which is a one-page story that I told in the form of a time-use chart. It's impossible to describe this story. After TIR's exclusivity period ends, I'll put up a copy online, because you've got to see this thing: it is super cool.

TIR is a pretty decent journal, and I am very glad to be getting published there. After years upon years of submitting to literary journals with zero sign that anyone is reading, it's nice to have broken in a little bit. It's a bit different than selling to a science fiction magazine, since I know exactly who reads SF magazines. I have no idea who reads the Indiana Review. Probably not very many people.

It's good, though, to be breaking in a little bit here, since I find myself writing more and more realist work (this story, insofar as it is a story, is very realist). I'm not unaware of the fact that much of my increasing hit rate with literary journals is because I've started sending them realist work. 

"Sunday" is also amongst my most-rejected stories. It's accrued 31 rejections! I've never sold a story that's had more rejections. That's another facet of submitting to literary journals. Because of simultaneous submissions, you wrack up so many rejections. Right now, I have two pieces that have 53 and 51 rejections, respectively, and I have no intention of withdrawing them from submission.