Feeling very blah today

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Right now, I've got zero going on writing-wise. Can't do anything on Enter Title Here because I'm still waiting on an edit letter from Disney. Can't work on the second YA book in my contract because I've already written it and there's no point in working on it until Disney has approved it. And can't work on any of my other books because I've already sent Hugs and Kisses to my agent and I'm seeing what he has to say. And can't write any new short stories because I have so many old ones that still need revising.

I've sort of been revising old short stories, but it seems like a very low-urgency project because, let's face it, short stories don't particularly matter. No one's waiting for more short stories from me, really. And my career won't rise or fall on the basis of how well my short stories do. They're fun to write, but they're just as painful to revise as everything else is.

Still, I'm getting 'er done. After making a tiny bit of headway with literary magazines during my last submission season (most lit-mags close during the summer, so submission season is from Sept to May), I'm hoping to do a little better during this next one. But if I don't, it doesn't really matter.

Just feeling useless and at ends, waiting for some new principle by which to organize my life.