Staying in the cheapest hotel in Nashville

Normally, when I'm driving I just pull off the highway and stay at the first hotel that pulls my fancy. This time, though, I decided to look ahead and find a cheap one. The result is this commodious fifty dollar (including tax!) room in a Motel 6. The room is not great, but it's not terrible either. I think I'll manage to sleep just fine.

The hotel is so cheap that you have to pay $4 extra for the wifi. I opted not to pay, which is why I'm typing this on my phone.

One thought on “Staying in the cheapest hotel in Nashville

  1. marcomarinelli

    Haha, I can understand how you feel. The same happened with me, we decided to hit NYC and to somehow find accommodation there. Worst decision ever, everything was either booked or unbelievably expensive. We ended up reserving through a website,, I believe, and still used most of our cash. May I ask how cheap is you hotel and how much did you have to pay in Nashville?

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