Very odd to have nothing really hanging over my head

I imagine that this slack period will be short-lived, as eventually I should get an edit letter for Enter Title Here. I’m planning some fairly extensive edits on that one, so we’ll see how well that goes.

Spent today driving around town. New Orleans is really not that big. Sometimes I’ll start taking random turns and then I’ll just drive in the general direction of where I’m going and I’ll eventually get there. Actually, it’s possible to do that in most cities that aren’t massive or heavily traffic-snarled. But it’s fun. I hate feeling reliant on GPS to get me where I’m going. I also have this persistent sense that the GPS isn’t safe: that it leads to divided attention and dangerous split-second course corrections. Being vaguely lost is, in some ways, much safer, because all of one’s attention is focused on the road.

I also drove east, into St. Bernard’s Parish. It didn’t take very long before I started seeing cows and things.

My grasp of local geography is pretty shaky, so everything is still a surprise.