Oh god, it is so late, why am I still up? Such poor life decisions

When I worked for the World Bank, I used to stay up this late (working) soooooo often. And it’d be just like this too. The fact that I knew I was going to be up late meant I’d engage in so much procrastination as well. For instance, I remember during one May crunch period, I stayed up until 4 AM every night, ostensibly to work on a report, but…I also somehow found the time to read the entirety of the Sandman series.

That was actually a pretty fantastic experience. I highly recommend reading Sandman between 1 AM and 4 AM while you’re chain-smoking cigarettes and hopped upon awful-tasting instant coffee and all alone in an empty house. It really makes you feel the intense bleakness of the series.

And then I’d have to go to the office the next day! What a miserable way to live. At least today I know that when I put this assignment to bed, I can sleep for as long as I want.

2 thoughts on “Oh god, it is so late, why am I still up? Such poor life decisions

    1. R. H. Kanakia

      Although it’s usually a bad idea for me to stay up late, I never find it physically difficult to stay up, for some reason. What I find it hard to do is stay awake (or do anything useful) at 3 PM in the afternoon.

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