In the grip of a terrible ennui…

Feeling very tired. Also feeling like nothing in the world can make me happy. So I am going to eat frozen pizza and read Anthony Trollope and go to sleep at, like 10:30 PM.

It is very odd how I can sometimes get the feeling that there is nothing on earth that can make me happy. I am not talking about depression, since I think of that as something that lasts for weeks and weeks (that also happens sometimes too). I am just talking about one day, once in awhile, where I am unable to imagine that anything good could possibly happen.

Today is one such day.


On a sidenote, Feedly made some very subtle design changes that rendered them less terrible for reading RSS feeds, with the result that I am now actually reading my blogs again (before, their design made it very difficult for me to just click on a feed and scan down through it and see if anything interesting had come up)! At this point I can say that they are almost as good as Google Reader.

2 thoughts on “In the grip of a terrible ennui…

  1. NinjaGW

    I think we all have days like that occasionally. I call those beer and ice cream days. Or beer and Fatburger days. Basically beer and junk food.

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