What blogs should I subscribe to?

I’ve decided to start actually reading my feeds again. This entailed logging into Feedly and deleting all the RSS feeds that I don’t read and am not excited about. However, I also want to find some new stuff to follow. What blogs should I follow. I am primarily interested in blogs about five kinds of blogs:

  • Books — reviews, insightful literary analysis…basically anyone who has something new and interesting to say
  • Authors — Again, blogs that are a bit deeper and more insightful than the ordinary author blogs (for example, I really like Kameron Hurley and Justine Larbalastier’s sites).
  • Publishing – I don’t really follow any blogs like this, but would be down for something about the publishing industry
  • Lifestyle — Things that are like Raptitude but maybe not as corny as Raptitude?
  •  You – I’d like to be in conversation with my readers. So if you read this blog and publish interesting stuff, then I want the link to your site.

5 thoughts on “What blogs should I subscribe to?

    1. R. H. Kanakia

      Asking The Wrong Questions is amazing. And when she became SH’s book reviews editor, that was a match made in heaven. I will definitely add the rest of these.

  1. WHM

    Other than what’s already been mentioned, I’m a fan of The King of Elfland’s Second Cousin by Chris Gerwel: http://elflands2ndcousin.com/

    Chris focuses less on individual works and more on genre intersections and topics that are about the field of literature (especially SF&F) as a whole. Sadly, he hasn’t update in a while (I believe he’s been busy with his day job), but the archives are worth perusing.

    1. R. H. Kanakia

      Less full of the usual banalities: “Should I self-publish?”; “Stories should show and not tell”; “Here’s the cover of my latest book!”

      More full of information I haven’t seen before.

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