Welp, finished the first draft of a novel the other day

I wasn't even going to post about it. When you finish your first novel, it's cool because you've done something that's hard to do. But when you finish your sixth, then it becomes slightly uncool because, err, when is one of these going to get published?

Right now there's a bit of a pipeline issue for me. The novel that's currently being shopped around by the agent is the second novel that I ever wrote. Novels three and five are adult novels, and they're currently lying fallow (I'm not terribly excited by them). But novels four and six are both YA novels that I think are extremely good. However they can't really go out on submission until novel two is either sold or taken out of submission.

Ideally, once novel two sells, it will become very easy to sell novels four and six. But right now it still feels a bit unreal. Since I won't actually be able to submit this latest one for awhile, it's almost like I am writing it for my own pleasure.

Anyway, it's another very high-concept novel idea from me. The working title is (You Gotta) Eat Me. It's about a young woman who used to be a pop star, but then had some very public scandals and setbacks. Now she's trying to make a career comeback by starring in an HBO-like show that's about a high school girl who develops a superpower (when men hear her sing, they fall in love with her). However, halfway through the filming, the pop star starts hearing a voice which tells her that the whole show is sinful and evil, so she walks off set. The whole novel takes place over the course of one day, during which the studio tries to get her back on set and she tries to shut down the whole show.

It's super fun. And it's my shortest-ever novel, at about sixty thousand words. Another fun thing about the young adult genre--you can actually sell a short novel.

6 thoughts on “Welp, finished the first draft of a novel the other day

    1. R. H. Kanakia

      Novel one is LOST TO HISTORY FOREVER!!!

      No, it’s just an adult sci-fi novel that I finished back in…2010? I was going to revise it, but was feeling sort of blah about it, when I suddenly got the idea for how to approach This Beautiful Fever. I decided that if I could write a new novel in less time than it’d take to revise the old one, then I’d feel comfortable about abandoning the old one. So I did.

    1. R. H. Kanakia

      Not really. I think they can sell to real publishers, so it seems like a waste to self-publish them. Also, I feel like when you self-publish, you’re basically pressuring your family and friends to buy your stuff, and I don’t like that. I’d prefer to just build my following until I have a real book to sell them.

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