What I learned at my college reunion


  • Some of my classmates have made millions of dollars and everyone knows about them. But others have made millions of dollars and very few people know. SECRET MILLIONAIRES WALK AMONGST US!
  • Most people look pretty much the same as they did in college, but about 15-20% of people look much better. I attribute this primarily to four factors.
    • Working out (boring, I know).
    • Dressing better -- While at college, we all affected this California casual style that looks good on some people but looks bad on a far greater number of people. After this, a large number of my classmates went on to work at firms with more formal dresscodes that are specifically designed to flatter people who're aging and slowly losing their virility. The end result is that they look much better now!
    • Settling on the right hair / beard style - It makes a difference!
    • Some people just look better with a slight amount of weathering -- I work with college students now, and a number of them just have this slightly unfinished look to them. A few years irons that right out.
  • Tons of my college classmates read this blog. That made me very happy. However, I am sad that I can no longer pretend that the only person reading it is my dad (who gets every post emailed to him, apparently). Now that you've come out of the closet as Blotter-Paper readers, I will feel free to start leaving comments on your wedding photos.
  • There's been a ton of construction, but I can't tell whether any given building is new or if I just wasn't paying attention when I was in college. That's because they held the reunion activities onthe athletics-oriented north side of campus, and I went four years without ever stepping foot over there.
  • For years, I had a copy of the five year reunion book for the class of 2002. I used to flip through it periodically just to see what I could expect when I was five year out of college. This year, I hopped over to the ten-year reunion tent to see what was coming up in the next five years. I discovered two things:
    • Physically, people still look pretty good (Phew)
    • Like 1/5th of the women were pregnant (Terrifying)

3 thoughts on “What I learned at my college reunion

  1. therealehboy

    I had similar observations to you at my 5 year with one caveat: It seemed like time had taken people’s personality traits and distilled them. So the nice people were even nicer. The full of themselves but still decent people were even more full of themselves but still trying hard to be decent. And the douchey people were even doucheyer.

    I attribute this to people trying out different personalities in the diversity of college. Then, as adults, we start self-selecting an environment (work, friends) that reflects our preferred personality/social style. So, once among birds of a feather, people are fee to sink deeper and deeper into the traits shared with their community (IE altruism, greed, friendliness, self-centeredness, etc).

    1. R. H. Kanakia

      I think there’s something to that. I found, though, that almost everyone seemed a bit better than they did at college. I think that we mostly have better social skills now, and that the brevity of our interactions was good at making people seem nice (or at least polite). Also, we were drinking much less heavily than we did in college =)

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