Been phenomenally productive this month

The new focus on hours of writing rather than output in terms of words has led to some odd results. For instance, I just spent 2.5 hours writing 900 words. A year ago, this would’ve been an unproductive day. But now, it was actually super productive! I mean, who cares how many words you write, if the words you do write end up being the last third of a story! I’m spending a lot more time thinking about sentences and things like that. But I’m also pretty productive (five stories completed in the month of September).

What changed is that I am no longer doing the drafting style that is heavy on rewrites. That was obviously a style that I developed so that I could get a lot of wordcount in while still taking my time. And that was fine and even had a number of upsides (the stories didn’t look like they’d been edited–they hung together in a more internally consistent way), but it was also tedious and prevented me from getting any momentum.

The only thing that’s a bit depressing is that all the stories I’ve written lately are literary stories (like, there is literally nothing speculative in them…not even a single teeny, tiny robot!) and all my reputation in the SF world isn’t really going to help me in selling lit stories. But oh well.

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