About two hundred pages into the first volume of _The Man Without Qualities_

Actually very readable, for a high modernist classic. Short chapters help. If Ulysses’ chapters were only a few pages long, people would be way more into it. Even if you’re not really getting a chapter, you know it’s gonna end soon. It keeps you moving.

It also covers really fascinating terrain. All, in some way, about the interaction between the life of the mind and your life in the world–the ways in which your beliefs can make life harder or easier. Very difficult to describe (I’m also probably not getting some of it). But there’s also a plot of sorts! That was pretty unexpected. It all hinges around their effort to create an amazing jubilee celebration for the 70th anniversary of the Emperor’s rule. Somehow, the celebration needs to be so amazing that it outshines the similar celebration that Prussia is going to have in the same year.