Come see me in the Baltimore Book Festival!

It's that time of year again! This Sunday, I am on two panels at the BBF's science fiction tent:


3:30 Genre and Literary Fiction Comparison Panel

This panel looks at often debated comparisons between genre and literary fiction. What are the stereotypes, facts, myths, realities? Our panelists come from across the literary spectrum, including genre writers, literary authors, poets, and more. Come hear them discuss the comparisons. 

This is where I break it down cross-genre style and lay some truth bombs on all y'all

Panelists: Sarah Pinsker, Rahul Kanakia, Laura Kaye, Barbara Descares, Donna Andrews

Moderator: Catherine Asaro



5:30: The State of Short Fiction: From Pulps to Anthologies to Ezines

Join us to talk about the state of short fiction in fantasy and science fiction. Our panelists will discuss how it has changed over the years, what are the latest developments, and what stories they recommend. This is also a great panel for newcomers to the genre. If you’ve haven’t read science fiction or fantasy, short fiction is a good place to start. Come hear what’s good, what’s hot, and what’s out there.

Not sure what's gonna happen with this one...

Panelists: Erica L. Satifka, Rahul Kanakia, Don Sakers, Robin Sloan

Moderator: Sarah Pinsker

4 thoughts on “Come see me in the Baltimore Book Festival!

  1. debs

    I’d love to hear you talk about lit and genre conventions. I just know that would be helpful to me. I really ought to read more lit fiction so that it can inspire my SF stuff.

    But, alas, I can’t really get into it.

    But I am having some success reading crime and thriller. It’s very good for plot elements.

    I am also impressed that you know ‘what’s hot’

    Have a great time.

    1. R. H. Kanakia

      You just gotta read whatever you enjoy. What crime novels are you liking? One year, I read literally every Dashiell Hammet and Raymond Chandler novel. It was amazing (especially Dash, who’s much superior in my opinion). I’ve also really enjoyed stuff by Jim Thompson and Charles Willeford.

      1. debs

        I’m a big Jim Thompson fan. I’ve got a couple of volumes of his collected novels. I just love an unreliable narrator. I read him for fun. I’ve got The Big Sleep and Other Novels on my bookshelf. I can’t remember if I’ve read them.

        But for craft, I found ‘The Best American Mystery Stories’ very helpful. The volume I’m looking at, that needs to go back to the library, is edited by Oates. ‘Cos I’m all about the short story, I found it very helpful in suggesting different structures.

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