Where I’ll be in 2013 (not in a metaphorical way…I mean physically)


I just sat down and hashed out what all conventions and public appearances I’d have this year, because my plans have really been multiplying lately, and I figured it was time to figure out what I was supposed to be doing at what point.

January 26 – Columbia, Maryland – SFWA Author Gala – An event, at Mad City Coffee, for DC / Baltimore area SF authors to mingle with fans and such. It’s going to be from 7 to 9 PM.

February 23 – Baltimore – “From Slush To Sale” panel – 8 PM – An event, organized by the Baltimore Science Fiction Society, where a group of authors, editors, and slush readers talk about what it takes to climb out of the slush pile. I think it’s at the BSFS clubhouse in East Baltimore.

March 6-9 – Boston – The Association of Writing Programs (AWP) Convention – Kind of the trade convention for people involved in MFA programs and such.

March 15-24 – California – I have a spring break. Absurd, right? The nice thing about spring break is that all your regular working friends stay in the same place during it. So I am going to visit California during mine.

May 24-27 – Baltimore – Balticon – The annual convention run by the Baltimore Science Fiction Society: it usually has a few thousand attendees.

July 11-14 – Burlington, Mass – Readercon – A literary science fiction convention that’s mostly attended by writers, editors, critics, etc.

October 11-13 – Gaithersberg, Maryland – Capclave – The annual convention of the Washington Science Fiction Society: a small, literary convention.

And I guess maybe DarkoverCon, although I think that’ll depend on whether I have Thanksgiving plans or not. I’m not old enough to be making plans further than ten months in the future.

Also, my summer break runs from May 3rd to August 28th. That is the better part of four months! (Since our classes don’t have final exams, we have about two weeks less school than the undergrads). That’s insane! I don’t currently have summer plans: I figure I’ll stick around Baltimore, get some writing done, and pursue mysteriously unspecified “side projects.”


In other news, I had my third acceptance of 2013: I sold “The Ships That Stir Upon The Shore” to Daily Science Fiction. This is one of two stories I’ve written that were inspired by the plays of Euripides. The working title of this one was “The Tulsan Women,” but I decided that the pun wasn’t conveying quite the right impression.

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