Sorry Y’all

Today I can’t even pretend to be trying to write a substantive entry. I’m only five days away from commencing my move. Like the super-efficient person that I am, I’ve already pretty much sorted everything out, but there are still all kinds of people to see and stuff to worry about. It takes time, yo. I am a little worried about the effect of this whole move upon my schedule. For the last year or so, I’ve maintained a fairly regular schedule for perhaps the first time in my life. I’ve started waking up every day in the morning (even on weekends). I usually do my writing first thing, then I reject stories around lunchtime. Then I do a bit of reading in the afternoon. In the evening I try to do some socializing, if possible (or work). In the night, I usually do more reading or take care of other assorted tasks. It’s a good, solid schedule.

And now I’m totally messing it up by adding 10-20 hours per week of school responsibilities. Oh well. One has to learn to adjust, I suppose.