As of today, I’m reading slush for Strange Horizons

I actually applied to be a slush reader (and was accepted) way back in December, but SH has been closed for a little longer than was expected. Still, we opened about eight hours, and I'm looking forward to reading my first stories.

I decided to start reading slush after my class with Nick Mamatas last summer. He said that a slush-reading stint could do wonders for a person's writing. Now, this is something I'd heard before, but I'd always dismissed it as being too time-consuming for me. However, I've come to realize that if I am going to get better, then I really need to start doing all of the things that I am afraid to do. It is a little scary to have this fairy major commitment hanging over me. And it doesn't help that this also means that I can't submit to one of my top short story markets (Strange Horizons has rejected me more than any other market: 32 times). Still, I am confident that it's the right thing to do.

And I am especially pleased to be doing it for SH. I've been reading it for years and it's one of my favorite magazines. I'm not supposed to talk much about my slush reading (although I am allowed to say that I have the job), so I expect that this is the last that I'll blog about it for awhile. Still, I thought it was something that was worth mentioning

4 thoughts on “As of today, I’m reading slush for Strange Horizons

  1. Nick Mamatas

    Just remember, it’s great for one’s writing for about six months. Then it’s just tedious bullshit.

  2. Ben Godby

    I was so mad when I booted up the submission page at 8 this morning, all ready to go with my story prepped weeks (well okay like one night) in advance for the re-opening of SH submissions, and BAM IT’S ALREADY CLOSED. at 8 a.m. God damn. Not really that surprising, though: when I read the way they process submissions, back when they were looking for readers – taking comments at the slush level and all that – I remember thinking that they obviously need to reject things that don’t work far more efficiently.

    Nonetheless, I wish you luck! I’ve often thought about reading slush – Ideomancer is looking for slush readers, now – but I’m too jealous and jaded about my time.

    Maybe revolutionize that slush system by just rejecting my submission in three days, though, okay?

    1. R. H. Kanakia

      Yep, 25 submissions a day…gotta be ready to go at midnight…also, I think Shimmer is looking for slush readers too.

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